The latest charlatan preaching from the climate change alter to a congregation whose followers are dwindling, primarily because the one time climate possessed have chosen facts, logic and reason over the constant drum beat of doomsday hyperbole.

Here’s some context for you to consider. Over 90% of the Canadian Oilsands will be extracted through a drilling process (in-situ or SAGD) and not by open pit mining. But alas you are an actor and to get attention you require soundbites like “makes my skin crawl” to sell tickets to your clown show. You should try being honest to the few people who still take you seriously as it could have saved you the trouble of visiting Alberta; not to mention the avoidance of your CO2 footprint. Why not make California’s Belridge oilfield your cause célèbre? Why not use your dwindling celebrity to bring attention to the environment damage caused by Russian pipelines that leak the equivalent of the BP Horizon oil spill every 3 months due to poor pipeline infrastructure and an overall lack of social consciousness Russia’s GoM Horizon disaster, but that would take fortitude and courage.


If having the complete story of our OS operations was actually important to you, you would quickly have learned from the volumes of reports and environment regulations that CANADA is a model for rest of the world. Canada’s SAGD operators boast a 94% water re-cycle rate and our producers draw less than .9% of the volume of the Athabasca river. Innovations in OS development has led to the use of solvents (propane) instead of water which means less natural gas is required because we don’t need to perpetually treat and re-steam water.
Contrast that with the reservoir steam-flooding technique used for over 40 years in California’s Belridge oilfield, ironically just 2 hours from your humble little Hollywood abode. I challenge you to do that before you consider coming to Canada again to stomp around like a pigeon while virtue signaling your shallow understanding of the facts at the expense of the humble hard working people of Alberta.

A proud Albertan,

Mark Gaudet