Who is sick of hearing the “97% of climate scientists agree” most often accompanied with  a snide comment about being an ignorant climate denier, a Harperite or cast as just another Republican dummy if you dare bring forward a challenge of that consensus. The obligatory “I will side with the scientists on this one thank you very much” is my favourite! Next time you hear that, offer them these few facts….as they likely have ZERO understanding of how this so-called consensus materialized…..

The popular belief that 97% of climate scientists agree that humans are the primary cause of climate change and if left unchecked we are headed for a catastrophe….. well that is a total crock of shit.

What you need to know…..

  • Fact: The so-called 97% consensus is the result of an evaluation of scientific abstracts conducted in 2013 by Australian John Cook and his colleagues, scientific abstracts that have been written over a period of 21 years.
  • FactCook et al reviewed 11,944 abstracts related to climate change and tossed out 2/3 because they took no position on anthropological global warming. The abstracts were then further grouped into one of 7 categories based on a scale that reflected whether the material embraced or rejected the theory of (AGW) – human caused global warming.
  • Fact: Cook and his colleagues didn’t interview the authors, they read their “Abstracts”, interpreted their findings, categorized them into 1 of 7 categories which ranged from “explicit, quantified endorsement” to “explicit, quantified rejection”.
  • Egregious Manipulation: Cook set an important evaluation criteria; if the author(s) asserted in any way that humans play a role in GW, Cook interpreted that as meaning humans are the sole cause of GW. Think about that for a second…No one with any credibility believes that humans have no impact on our changing climate but that doesn’t mean they agree that we are headed for climate disaster.
  • Egregious Misrepresentation: This false positive “Humans are  the sole cause” of AGW has been highjacked and twisted to suggest an impending armegedon thanks to charlatans like President Obama and John Kerry.
  • Fact: Cook never contacted a single one of the scientists/authors whose papers were “interpreted” to verify whether they agreed with his interpretation.
  • Reality: A huge percentage of the scientists who’s abstracts were “interpreted” have completely disassociated themselves from Cooks interpretation.
  • The Dubunk: One of those scientists, David Legates conducted his own review of Cook’s analysis and reviewed the  abstracts and found that only 41 of the 11,944 papers ,0.3% EXPLICITLY ENDORSED their theory that humans are the sole cause of global warming.
  • What Legates revealed is that Cook decided that any paper which did not specifically fall within the 1 category that offered an “explicit, quantified rejection” of their hypothesis was in agreement with his theory that humans are the sole cause of AGW.

So to celebrities like Jon Oliver, that pretentious “do as I say, not as I do” host of the “This Week Tonight” show on HBO….the guy who in July 2015 in his signature  self-righteous overly gimmicky style,  trotted out 97 like-minded sheeple dressed in polar bear costumes… as a virtue singnalling attempt to shame anyone who dare question the validity of the  97% consensus. Do the world a favor Jon, stuff the 97% consensus shit sandwich between that profoundly large gap that exists between your two front teeth you pompous English ass clown.



You think I’m a flat earther a denier, you need to hear from real scientists – hear ya go!