OMG’s take on the latest social disorder that is plaguing our overly sensitive youth,  University condoned student”Safe Spaces”. A place where students with a particular social fragility can go and converse with other like minded cloistered youth and be protected from subjects or conversations that they deem “uncomfortable” or “insensitive”. A place they can be assured they won’t be challenged to an intellectual debate on climate change or be drawn into a discussion on what the world would look like if Trump was to be became POTUS?

Folks, this is what happens when people stop spanking their kids, when sports becomes a “everyone gets a medal” circus,  where helicopter parents constantly circle schoolyard playgrounds.

Throughout history society has evolved and made rationale discoveries of itself as a result of challenging each other’s believes, confronting ones fears and insecurities and coming to an acceptable compromise with your adversary. When there is a movement to shelter oneself from any subject or topic that you don’t agree with complimented with a prompt  cast down of anyone that does not share someone’s firmly held conviction – we become a polarized society and incapable of evolving. Get over yourselves Safe Spacers, the real wold awaits, and it ain’t full of safe spaces.